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5 garymaria3

Stephen helped us buy the perfect home in our preferred area with total professionalism. We were very pleased with his service. He was organized, efficient and super responsive to our needs. We highly recommend him

5 jhfeinberg

Stephen is excellent with taking care of details. He is available 24/7. He does his homework re comparibles and consults colleagues when necessary.He is a good listener and represented my wishes even tho he was not in total agreement with me.

5 cpsachs

I am in a wheelchair, and that was one of the basic drivers of my house-hunting. Stephen knows what that means. He can look at a place and have a solid idea of whether or not I can live in a space, and how that space might have to be adapted to me. It took a year of searching, but I love my house. Roomy and charming. I am grateful to Stephen’s patience and expertise.

5 chinar

We came across Stephen after having looked for months. Naturally, we have previous buyer agent experience, even though we came to Stephen as first time home buyers. After meeting Stephen and seeing his professionalism, drive, and approachability, we did not hesitate to partner with him. After meeting him, we looked for around 1 month and found our dream home. Throughout the process one of the things we really thought was excellent was his response rate. At a time when the market had slim pickings and was competitive, every second counted. Not only was Stephen always quick to answer calls and e-mails, but he was always up for meeting in person. Another thing that stood out to us about Stephen was the way he explained absolutely every part of the process and paperwork to us. Being first-time home buyers–that was gold. He really has a way of explaining complex matters in a way that everyone can understand. Stephen was extremely organized, and this is coming from a person whom others call a “clean freak.” His knowledge of the market was apparent, and he always had great advice. He never pressured us into anything, and gave us all options that we had available. Lastly, he has connects in the bay area and can recommend people for different aspects of the entire process, such as: home inspection companies, loan agents, etc… He was great at following up with our loan agent and had immense knowledge on the various moving parts of our funding. He did not scare and run away when we told him we were looking into funding aid in order to buy a bigger home. Stephen is eons above the rest in our opinion, and would undoubtedly recommend him to anyone who needs a buyer’s agent. His honesty, confidence, and presence is very reassuring throughout the whole process.

5 jjohansen6

It was a pleasure working with Stephen. As a first-time home owner, he was especially good at explaining the process and insuring all the details were addressed, from finding a good home all the way to closing and moving in.

5 dancerjen81

My husband and I just bought our first home in Pleasant Hill. We could not be happier here! Stephen was wonderful through the whole process. He was honest, thorough, and upfront with us. We really felt like he had our best interest at heart through this whole process. Home buying is stressful, but Stephen helped this process go smoothly. I would definitely recommend Stephen Beard as a realtor in your home search!

5 randystix

Stephen Beard is the Bomb! True Pro. Throughout the entire process Stephen was On It. Made buying our first house at a modest price point a great experience.. Thanks Stephen

5 user6985775

Stephen is a great Real Estate Agent! He did a great job finding a “home” for us! Stephen was very patient with my wife and me…. Showing us multiple listings, setting up home visits, escorting us to home visits, and being there for us every step of the way! Kudos to Stephen on a job well done!

5 ilith

He worked with us to find a house that would meet a difficult combination of factors for our son’s special needs. He was very helpful throughout the process, patient with our requirements and hesitations, and informative about the real estate steps. We highly recommend him.

5 naomi armenta

Stephen helped me buy my house, but months before I was ready to do that he spent hours educating me on the process and my options. He is energetic, positive, and responsive.

5 zuser20140707121334938

Stephen Beard was our realtor when we bought our first home in December 2014. The property was a short sale and it took 4 1/2 months from when we submitted our offer until we closed, so we got to know Stephen really well. Throughout this process, we experienced many challenges and roadblocks given all of the parties and lenders involved, but Stephen was incredibly patient, honest, and trustworthy, and helped guide us every step of the way. As first time homebuyers, we had tons of questions and Stephen was diligent about answering our questions and always keeping our best interests in mind. And even after escrow closed, Stephen was available to give us referrals for contractors and to help us wrap up the process. It was a pleasure working with Stephen to buy our first home!

5 shast64

Stephen was incredibly knowledgeable and also supportive in my search for a home for my disabled adult son. Before we even began looking he sat down and had an in depth discussion of what our needs were for a property and the reasons for those needs. He “got it” and committed to helping us find the right place not just ‘a place’. When there were some big questions about the property he put the brakes on moving forward until we could get answers. It was clear that protecting our interests was more important than getting the deal through as quickly as possible. In the end, we ended up with the perfect property for our needs and had a wonderful experience working with Stephen as we went through process.

5 user4592305

I came across Stephen on the Internet while looking for a condo in the Alameda county area. He was the most responsive, professional, and knowledgeable individual you could meet. He responded to my calls, emails and texts within minutes and made the whole process of purchasing my property an enjoyable experience. His own website was easy to search for the right piece of property and was always up to date. I couldn’t recommend him any higher. His own personal touch to our business dealing was a delight.

5 darwin dichmann

We had the pleasure of having Stephen Beard as our realtor when we bought our first home in the summer of 2015. Our circumstances were difficult since we had been asked to leave our rented apartment and had very short time to find a new home. To make matters worse it was a very ‘hot’ market with no room for error on the buyer’s side. Amazingly, we managed to find a house and close in a little more than a month. We know that he is an accessibility expert, but we did not need that aspect. Stephen is a true capacity in the process/art/strategy of home buying. He knows practically everything there is to know and shares his knowledge readily. He was extraordinary helpful and devoted whole days to showing us houses since he knew we were under time pressure. He answered phone calls and emails promptly, often within the hour, and gave us invaluable tips, without which we would either not have gotten the house or paid much more for it (in particular in relation to the various inspections while in escrow). In addition he recommended us top-notch mortgage brokers and inspection services that made the entire process much smoother. Last, but not least, Stephen is a very fun and interesting person to spend time with, which counts for something in a personal process such as finding a home. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Stephen Beard as realtor and if I ever have to buy a home again I would use him without any reservation.

5 daniel maren

Stephen Bear is a nice guy with a passion for his work. He understands both the numbers and people side of this business. It was a pleasure working with him, and I’d definitely do it again.

5 malipaul

Stephen was extremely knowledgeable about the Richmond Marina Bay area we were looking to buy into. He was always informative, helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing professional real estate assistance.

5 victor mitrani

Stephen assisted us the purchase of our condo. He were total novices and he had so much patience taking care to answer any question we may have. He had so much knowledge and passion of the local Marina Bay area and really made us excited about our purchase. Can’t recommend him enough!

5 jcw0220

Stephen and I spent many Saturdays together looking for the right house for me. I recently moved to the East Bay from Oregon. He gave me a first hand street by street education of the area. After three months we looked at scores of properties and put offers on two. He was always professional, and his experience shows in his attention to detail and knowledge of the East Bay. While I couldn’t get other agents to give me the time of day due to my budget, Stephen was imminently and eagerly willing to assist me on my house hunting adventure. Unfortunately my financing fell through because of my lack of work history. I will not hesitate to contact Stephen as soon as I am able to secure financing. I would recommend Stephen to anybody looking for property in the East Bay.

5 tinabeana23

Being a first time homebuyer I knew nothing about buying a home and as I started my hunt i contacted many real estate agents before I found Stephen Beard who was an Angel sent to me from heaven. he was fast to respond and readily available. Stephen is very personable and easy to talk to. he asked many questions to get to know me, my likes and dislikes ultimately what I was looking for and financially able to afford in a home. Stephen answered all my questions gave me his honest opinions every time and looked out for my very best interest even if I asked the same question 50 times i still got every answer with a smile. Stephen showed me many homes before my purchase and I absolutely appreciated how he stepped in and asked questions i wouldn’t have thought to ask or when attending a showing and looking at every nook and cranny update or potential hazard and the updates and constant communication on anything just made me feel secure in any decision I would be making. I recommend Stephen 100% I trust his knowledge and judgements I could not have made the choice to buy my condo at marina bay in Richmond ca without his guidance and support. Thank You!

5 hashoftim38

Stephen is awesome. We went looking for homes a lot and then he found my new home. Stephen held my hand through the whole process from the offer to the final loan approval. He went out of his way to explain every step. At One point I was so overwhelmed with paperwork and packets of documents that he came over to my work and we sat for a good couple of hours going through every piece of paper. That is commitment to the customer experience!

5 lynnrice9

To find a realtor with off-the-chart communication skills, a high level of professional and personal integrity and a remarkable amount of energy to boot is probably asking too much… or so I thought until I met Stephen: He’s knowledgeable in East Bay Real estate, well-connected to trustworthy contractors needed to get through escrow, and able to explain complicated real-estate jargon and city codes in an intelligible, accessible way to someone like me who is naive in these matters. I also found him to be incredibly accessible despite his jam-packed schedule. For instance, he chose to attend appointments and inspections where his presence wasn’t required and, during escrow, would call to provide updates on situations that hadn’t changed much, just to let me know that they hadn’t changed, knowing that I was impatiently awaiting some news. Throughout the home-buying process, I was impressed with Stephen’s level of commitment to our “fiduciary relationship” as he described it. It was a relief to have someone as responsible and knowledgeable as Stephen advocating my interests throughout this complicated transaction.

5 memamo816

I am looking to buy a house and Mr. Beard has been very helpful. He keeps me updated with open houses and he tells me the best people to talk to and help me with my quest.

5 lynneahughes

Stephen is organized, thoughtful, professional and knowledgable. He helped guide me through the first time homebuyer process. He was always responsive and authentic! I would recommend him to any potential homebuyer in the East Bay Area!

5 user20699776

My husband and I bought a property in Marina Bay with Stephen’s expert assistance . It was purchased directly from the developer so we were able to order nice upgrades that I know we will enjoy. The agreement was a ‘take it or leave it ‘ situation that initially made us nervous and then somewhat resigned to not achieving everything with the developer . This proved to be an unnecessary fear as Stephen , through his persistence and friendly professionalism was able to have the condo finished to our satisfaction . I’m quite sure we would not have had the same happy results without him . He is very knowledgeable about the entire East Bay market but especially expert on Marina Bay where he lives . I gleaned more information from him in our first five minutes of conversation than from the many other realtors we interviewed . Highly recommended.

5 zuser20141125094240116

Stephen was excellent; gracious, knowledgeable, responsive and very helpful. I would recommend him without reservation. He went out of his way to help us and guide the process. All I had to do was ask and he was there to help us. A thoroughly nice, kind and professional man.

5 sheilaconn

Stephen helped us with a purchase of an investment property. It was a challenging situation – the sellers dealing with family still living in the house, unhappy with the situation. So, there was a lot of gentle communication with the current tenant. We just closed, and everything went smoothly. The tenant is still in the house, but we have a signed “cash for keys” agreement in place that Stephen helped facilitate. I’m crossing my fingers that all goes well. We are pleased with Stephen’s professionalism through the whole process!

5 toakley8

Stephen helped us with a complicated sale. We reside in Texas and were selling a property that we were on title in CA. Stephen helped us work through the complications of dealing with a Reverse Mortgage Company, We truly believe that without his expert advice and assistance we would still own a property in CA that we needed to sell. Thanks Stephen.

5 aadoty

Right out of the “gate” Stephen contacted us right way, others returned our inquiry 2 months later or never got back to us. Stephen listened to what we were looking for in a home, the desired areas, and our budget. He showed us several homes one-on-one and at open houses showing us what to look for and just plain educating us about the home search process. He gave us all the resources we needed so we could look with him and on our own at available open houses. Stephen is very patient. He doesn’t just want to sell you a home, he wants to ensure you get the home that you will be happy and satisfied with at the right and fair price. Well 8 months and several bids later we closed on our home. but even before we made the final close Stephen helped us re-negotiate as needed (even in this tough market) giving us all the information we needed to make the best decision for our family. He always gave us the Pro’s and Con’s of every house we considered and made offers on and the Pro’s and Con’s of the negotiation process always allowing us to make the final decision and then backing us up on those decisions. He “walked” us through each step of every phase (from searching to closing and beyond) explaining everything and answering all our questions. he always made himself available in all forms communication…email, phone call, text, or one on one what ever was needed. Buying a house can be very stressful and Stephen listened and help ease those stresses and concerns. Before and after our closing Stephen gave us referrals for moving, locksmith, handyman, or just asked us if we needed such and such referral etc. Stephen is truly one of kind Realtor, He works hard for you long after closing. He is a pleasure to with.

5 wywy2007

Stephen Beard is a very nice guy I appreciate his helps to me and my brother with our new house It was a long shot since we decide to buy the house until the last moment There was some issues in the way to complete the deal but he didn’t gave up on this deal,he tried many way till found a way to get this deal done And finally we get the keys with his help So I would say thanks again Stephen Beard

5 user55853853

I have bought and sold a number of houses using RE agents, and Stephen is the most un-realtor type person I have ever met. He was sincerely gracious, friendly and concerned about my concerns and desires with no pressure whatsoever about a property. I especially appreciated that he drove me all around Marina Bay and environs, pointing out landmarks, attractions, and the history of the area.. He goes out of his way to communicate and responds immediately to text messages, and calls. I was more than happy with my experience with Stephen and recommend him highly.

5 zuser20160804105356602

I rarely write reviews, but Stephen is very deserving of all the praise I can give. He helped my fiance and I purchase our first home in Richmond. We were in great hands from the very beginning until past closing. Stephen’s knowledge put us at ease throughout the whole process and we were constantly impressed at the information and time he was willing to give us (first time home buyers). Even though we have the keys to our new home, we know we’ll stay in touch with Stephen for times to come. Thank you, Stephen!!

5 inessa2209

I worked with Stephen in August and September of 2016. He was very knowledgeable, responsive and experienced. I was on a tight schedule but the whole process of buying a house was smooth. I would recommend him to my friends. Thank you Stephen!

5 carus925

I can really not begin to express hw wonderful it was to work with Stephen. As a disabled veteran using a VA loan and on a fixed income trying to buy my first home, I was definitely a bit of a Challenge. Stephen walked me through the process every step of the way. Many times going above and beyond! If there were ever any issues he didn’t have all the information on, he would immediately start finding the answers. Whether you are searching for your first home, using a VA loan, or perhaps are disabled in some way, and antone else looking for an honest hardworking Realtor, Stephen Beard is definitely the person for you! Call him today and get started on finding your new home!

5 zuser20161019105035376

Our experience with Agent Stephen Beard was phenomenal! He constantly sent us current, updated listings that was always within our price range without having to ask . He is a true,hard working, great negotiator ! Our purchase was Very very DIFFICULT but Stephen didn’t flinch! He kept us calm and reassured us a every turn! We would highly recommend Stephen to everyone looking to purchase a home. Thanks Stephen for a job well done ????

5 zuser20160103091902331

We just purchased our 1st home in the US with the assistance of this amazing professional. He did his best for this transaction and very kind. we are very happy with him.We definitely could not have done this without Stephen, and he really took care of us well during the negotiation, closing. He was quite responsive and patient with talking us through the reams of paperwork.

5 user6759441

Steven is really great he got us the best price for our house more than he qouted us always fast to contact and very reponsive and knowledgeable about richmond and the bay area.

5 zuser20170515080739176

We live on the East Coast and were putting up our house in Berkeley for sale. House built in 1908 and although it was a beautiful home, there were many factors in getting it ready for market. After putting us in touch with reliable contractors , he then guided us in making the best choices in presenting the house. Stephen also did a fabulous job in broadly marketing the property using up to date advertising. He gave us excellent counseling in evaluating the multiple offers received on the first day offers were accepted. House sold within 9 days of the first open house. Stephen Beard is a first rate Broker and we highly recommend him

5 jeannewilson19

Stephen helped me recently to purchase a Condo I had been renting. He guided me through the transaction and made sure I understood everything I was signing. He was very easy to contact and in fact followed up with me regularly, and even when he went away on vacation, he made sure one of his associates did the same. He is knowledgeable about the area, so if you are buying or selling in the East Bay, I highly recommend Stephen.

5 lmnopz

Stephen is great. Helpful all the way through the process of looking and deciding on a perfect condo/location. Throughout the process we were new/overwhelmed as first time buyers and Stephen was by our side to support and answer all questions promptly and thoughtfully. Thanks again Stephen!!!

5 user8618957

Stephen helped my wife and I get our dream home in Castro Valley and we strongly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house in the Bay Area. Stephen was very patient and stuck with us throughout the entire process and we never felt pressured to offer more than what we felt comfortable with. He helped us navigate the process and always gave us useful advice.

5 user04002304

We had been looking for the right house in different areas for almost two years with Stephen, and throughout all this time, he has always shown his professionalism. He made sure that we know everything not only about the house, but also the neighborhood, we felt like we could put our trust on him. We finally brought our dream house this year, he walked us through the process patiently, and was always available for all of our calls and texts. It was a total pleasure to have Stephen as our agent.

5 patricialjutic

Stephen Bread is a wonderful, knowledgeable, bright and honest real estate agent who patiently showed us condos. Stephen listened to our needs and guided us through the process of searching for a home, putting in the offer and buying a condo. He also referred us to a great team of people who made the business of buying a home faster and easier than anytime in my experience, Now that it is ours, every time I see the condo, I cannot believe how perfect it is. Our plan is to have our special needs child live there. Steven was particularly attentive to our desire to find home that met a long list of criteria for our disabled child. Steven is extraordinary and took great care of us.

5 zuser20180120132651116

I am someone whose first homebuying experience was a nightmare. Working with Stephen this time around could not have been more different. It was an extremely positive experience. Most importantly, Stephen is honest and ethical. He cares about doing right by people. Also important, he is very knowledgeable and experienced. His explanations were clear and informative, and by following his lead, I was able to sell my home for more than I’d expected. I was very pleased with the process and would recommend Stephen to anyone hoping to navigate the tough Bay area housing market with support and solid advice.

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